Washing Machine Service

Washing Machine is the main home appliance that is retailing most in the electronics market. So it requires a quality service and repair to extend the lifetime that reduces the time consumption of human. Jeevan Smart Home is with you to provide an optimum solution and reduce the fault with the best service. The service is under examination and repair service depends on the appliance problems.

  • Service/Repair Works
  • Accesories & Spares
  • Overhauling
  • Complete Maintenance

We give service to both Top Load and Front Load Washing machine to all leading company brands. We do the services like circuit check, drum and agitator clean, damaged belt change for the front load, inlet & outlet valve check, filter clean, motor check, dryer and timer check, safety locker, etc. By reducing the glitches, our services satisfy the customer and also give instructions to maintain the product for further days safely.

  • Qualified Technician
  • Guaranteed, Trusted & Committed Service
  • Quality Spares, Parts, Accessories
  • Service at Your Door-Step
  • Servicing Company Closed-out Models
  • Affordable Service Cost(Not like Company’s Service)

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